Asset Invetory

Industrial control systems (ICSs) are more vulnerable now a days due increased number to cybersecurity attacks. There is increasing awareness around the world to implement security measures to enhance the cybersecurity level of their devices and networks. However, due to lack of awareness of the assets scope and the total number of assets across organization it will be difficult to take measures to secure all devices and thus leaving some critical devices unprotected which may be targeted for potential cyber-attack.

Having an asset inventory provides:

  • Monitoring, since we will have clear visibility.
  • Vulnerability Management, since we know what we have and we can mitigate risk accordingly.
  • Risk Mitigation, since we can mitigate risk as soon as it is visible.
  • Improved Incident response, since it will be easier determine the scope of the incident and correct it with minimal time frame.

Our experts can help your organization to select the right tool to capture the inventory of your infrastructure (passive or active) by using right methodology without impacting normal operations of Industrial control systems (ICS). This enables our customers to make better operational, compliance and risk decisions related to ICS cyber security controls, asset lifecycle and life cycle management.

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