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Operational Technology (OT) is facing a growing threat environment. Cybercriminals and nation-state actors are successfully targeting and impacting critical infrastructure entities globally. With this increased scale of attack and threat surface, policies are needed to better secure industrial networks and their connected OT. This report seeks to help cybersecurity officials create an effective cybersecurity policy framework and increase the resilience and security of these OT systems.

OT represents the collection of hardware and software that helps to monitor, manage, and control physical devices and their related functions and processes, including components such as valve controls at water treatment facilities, monitoring mechanisms at nuclear power plants, or robotics on manufacturing floors. OT comprises vital components within critical information infrastructure (CII) sectors like utilities and transportation systems. The role of government in ensuring CII and other sectors operate safely and securely naturally reflects an important and similar government role to ensure the cyber resilience of OT.

Cybersecurity services will identify vulnerabilities, build solutions to protect operational technology (OT) systems, and automate ongoing compliance.

Assessment services
  • Cybersecurity Preparedness
  • Vulnerability assessment & Penetration testing
  • Evaluate the Presence of Cybersecurity Controls
  • Validate applicability of such controls
  • Validate effectiveness of this controls
Cyber Defense solution and services
  • Automated detection and response solutions
  • Secure remote access solutions
  • Implementation of Centralized identity and access
  • OT SOC Security monitoring solution
On Going Compliance management
  • Baseline Monitoring, Response, and Recovery
  • Internal and External audits
  • Risk assessment
  • Maturity assessment

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